Amy Myers is the Legal Services Coordinator at The First 72+. She completed her JD at Monash Law School in Australia. She came to New Orleans in January of 2015 to intern at the Louisiana Capital Assistance Center under the Reprieve program. Amy worked with mitigation experts and assisted with witness interviews, records collection and client visits to people on Mississippi State Penitentiary Death Row. She was also part of the Client Welfare Committee which provided resources for client’s non-legal needs, such as medical and hygiene products, books and art supplies. During her internship, Amy assisted on two death penalty trials in Louisiana, as well as the Blackstrikes Project, a report which empirically proved the racially disparate use of peremptory strikes during jury trials.


Amy returned to Australia to complete her JD. Amy won the Colin Biggers & Paisley Foundation Academic Prize for Overview of International Human Rights Law, addressing the question of whether the mass incarceration of Indigenous people in Australia meets the international legal definition of genocide. In 2017 Amy interned at the Center for Constitutional Rights in New York City. She worked on a submission to the International Criminal Court about the persecution of Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. Amy also focused on police accountability issues and observed the trial of an NOPD officer who killed an unarmed black teenager. She co-wrote an article about the case for Colorlines ( 

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