///  Henry Byous

Henry Byous is a lifelong resident of Central City, New Orleans, where he currently lives with his 3 sons, Mekhi, Malik, and Mikal. Henry went to prison in 2011 for possession with intent to distribute marijuana, where he was fortunate to be processed through the Orleans Parish Reentry Workforce Development program. In the reentry program at Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola, he obtained his certification as an electrician as well as 15 life skills certifications. In 2013, Henry came home and subsequently worked 2 minimum wage jobs for 3 years to support his family; one was with a temp service and the other with Papa John’s as a dough slapper. Ultimately, even with working 2 jobs, Henry could not make enough money to support his family. This struggle gave birth to the idea in 2017 to start his own business, All Pro Maintenance Services, with his 2 “reentry brothers,” Newtrell Brown and Jason Everett. Mekhi, Malik, and Mikal are the primary motivators for Henry in starting his own business as he hopes to pass his business onto his kids, provide for their educations, and give them the opportunities he never had growing up. In addition to being a small business owner, Henry is currently a mentor with the First 72+ where he draws on his own lived experience to assist other formerly incarcerated people transition out of prison and build for the future.