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  /// Kenneth "Jack" Dilosa

Kenneth “Jack” Dilosa was born and raised in the Iberville Housing Development in New Orleans and graduated from John MacDonough High School. When Jack describes his life growing up he says “when you come up poor, you learn how to survive – sometimes by any means necessary.” It was that reality that lead him into prison in 1995. After eight years away he had no job and no money, and a short time later ended up back in prison, this time for distribution of heroin, which at the time in Louisiana carried mandatory life in prison without the possibility of parole. When the sentencing laws changed in 2010, thanks to the tireless efforts of many members of our founding team, Jack was able to go before the parole board and was released, after fifteen years in prison. Thanks to the support of many members of this board, unlike after his first return, Jack was able to secure housing and one week after he got out was able to use his construction accreditation to get a job as a construction manager.

Since being released two years ago Jack, like the rest of our board, has helped other people returning home, including finishing construction on our first transitional house on Perdido St. and mentoring residents in physical fitness and healthy eating.

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