/// Kisha Edwards

Kisha Edwards joined our team as the Office Manager in February of 2019 after years of volunteering with The First 72+. She is a passionate, lively, and hardworking person, who is always willing to fill any role to help our clients. 


In 2016, Kisha ran into some legal troubles and found herself facing a significant amount of time in prison. In April of 2018, Kisha was blessed to be granted probation, and she began to restore and rebuild her life. She joined Next Generation of Original Morning Star FGBC where, under the leadership of Pastor Tyrone Smith, she became an ordained minister. She is currently studying to receive her Eldership. 


At The First 72+, Kisha works diligently everyday with clients, helping with housing, employment, and transportation needs. Since Spring of 2020, she has transitioned into a new role as Director of Client Services. She aims to facilitate the steady re-entry of First 72+ clients back into society. In addition, Kisha assists people with addiction seek refuge.  As the first formerly incarcerated woman to work at the First 72+, she is ultimately most passionate about helping formerly incarcerated women rebuild their lives.

Kisha graduated Sara T. Reed high school in 1995 and completed two years of college. She is the proud mother of 3 children and grandmother of 6 grandchildren.