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Residential and non-residential clients of The First 72+ come to us from referrals by the Parole Board, local attorneys, legal organizations, state and federal courts, family members of incarcerated people, and direct inquiries from currently incarcerated people and people recently released. Potential clients who are not currently incarcerated are also free to walk through our doors and do an intake to receive services.

During the first three days we support clients with clothes, food, accessing vital records, enrollment in public benefits, visits with parole/probation, and healthcare (through the FIT Clinic).

We are currently working on expanding our transitional housing services to two houses with around fifteen available beds.  Even if we are not able to house someone, we are able to provide ongoing case management, peer-mentorship, reentry legal services, and support with small business development.

Calvin Duncan, Co-Founder and President of the Board of Directors, leaving prison in 2011 – with only one shoe.

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