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/// Donald Muse

Donald grew up in the 3rd Ward Calliope Housing Project CP3 and attended Booker T. Washington Senior High School. In 1970, Donald enlisted in the Marine Corps where he spent two years and a tour in Vietnam for 8 months, 9 days. Once discharged, Donald enrolled in Audubon Community College and studied drafting. In 1975, his life took a turn for the worse when he turned to street crimes - and in 1996 he was sentenced to life, and the reality set in that he was sentenced to die in prison. In Muse’s words, “God saw different from man and delivered me from prison back into society. There are so many people I need to thank - first and foremost God, the head of my life; my wife who is still helping me in any way she can; Ben and Pastor Tyronne for bringing me aboard with the First 72+; and the staff who are straightforward with honesty.”

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