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  ///  Albert Jerome Landry

Ken Mackie, is the Technology Coordinator for the First 72+. Ken joined the First 72+ team back in October of 2020. Ken was born in New Orleans, LA and raised in Metairie, LA, Ken’s passion for technology and helping others learn the dynamics of technology  started at the age of 14. 

Ken is a graduate of Grace King High School, and went to undergrad shortly after, at the University of Phoenix, where he studied Information Technology. Ken continues to dedicate his life to empowering people in the community through technology. Ken has served on the leadership team at Dell Technologies for several years, prior to joining the First 72+ and has been recognized throughout the State of Louisiana for his work with technology. Ken’s commitment to ensuring each of our clients has the basic digital skills needed to have a successful transition back into society has set the bar even higher, in the Re-Entry world. 

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