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  /// Reentry Legal Services

  /// Reentry Legal Services

When someone is released from prison they often come home to numerous outstanding legal issues that impede their ability to rejoin the workforce, access housing, and access public benefits. In our Reentry Legal Services Clinic we provide representation to assist with a variety of issues, including,  getting their driver's license reinstated, resolving municipal attachments and "ghost warrants" that pre-date their incarceration, addressing probation/parole holds, accessing professional licenses, and applying for food stamps and disability.

We also co-host free drop-in Reentry Legal Clinics with the Justice and Accountability Center and Southeast Louisiana Legal Services. The details and schedule can be found HERE.

We are also a member of The Building Bridges Committee hosted by The Louisiana State Bar Association. Together we work with state and city agencies to address administrative policies that impede formerly incarcerated people. We also host Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses, training and recruiting pro-bono attorney's to assist clients.

Our Reentry Legal Clinic helped Terrell resolve over $5000 in traffic tickets, get his drivers license reinstated, and start a small business that employs other formerly incarcerated people.


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