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Ms. Fuch’s Class Comes to The First 72+!

We had a beautiful Sunday with Ms. Fuch’s 7th grade class from Touro Synagogue!

Planted a vegetable garden, painted a picnic table, and filmed a documentary about re-entry experiences and mass incarceration. We were so re-energized and incredibly inspired by Ms. Fuch’s as a social justice minded teacher and her brilliant and passionate students.
On April 26th they will be hosting a fundraiser breakfast and screening of their documentary at Touro Synagogue with a goal of raising $1000 to support our program! We are so excited to have these young leaders in our community, please support them in this exciting project and help them meet their goals as they help us meet ours! (See below for more information!)
“We are a 7th and 8th grade Religious school class at Touro Synagogue in New Orleans. We really want to help this organization grow and become bigger then it already is. We care because the First 72+ helps reduce the percentage of people going back to jail, and therefore not only helps the residents of The First 72+ but society as a whole. Additionally, as Jews, we believe that it is our responsibility to do Tikkun Olam – acts that “heal the world”. So as a class, we have decided to support the First 72+. We are going to start by making a CrowdRise page to fundraise for the organization. We are also making a documentary and planning an event to raise awareness about the First 72+. Our Goal at the moment is to raise a minimum of $1000.00 – money which would go to the electric, water, and food bill amongst other costs.” Please donate to our cause!

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