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USA Today: Derrick Perique left prison and did last thing you might expect, defying the odds in a bi

Derrick Perique left prison in 2013, and since his life has been a test of his strength and business acumen. He became an optician, but had to work hard to overcome the insecurities that led him to a life of crime.

Now, with three kids to support, he finds solace in working three jobs — he runs his optical shop and mentors men through the First 72 Plus, a non-profit group in New Orleans, run by former inmates, that helps men move on from prison to a productive life on the outside.

In this preview, listen below to some of Perique's story.

In Chapters 6-8, hear more about the men of the First 72 Plus and the work of ex-felon Perique that has helped shape the group; learn about a re-entry program that's saving some men in Lafayette, La., and about a man in the program who was imprisoned near his father's killer. He's working to make this stint in prison his last.

Listen to the Full Podcast Below

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