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J.M.K. Innovation Prizes go to 10 transformative early-stage initiatives

"The J.M. Kaplan Fund announced today the results of its nationwide search to identify ten exceptionally catalytic social and environmental change initiatives, issued a report on innovation trends based on the ideas submitted from all 50 states, and invited philanthropic leaders into its trove of proposals. "These ten J.M.K. Innovation Prize winners are incredible standouts, and they are just a fraction of the inspiring ideas we heard from more than 1,300 leaders in the fields of social justice, heritage conservation and the environment," said Peter Davidson, Chairman of The J.M. Kaplan Fund Board of Trustees. "We are grateful to the 485 first-round reviewers who volunteered to evaluate all of the applications, and the 30 subject-matter experts, funders and social innovation leaders who served as round-two reviewers, who contributed key insights during the selection process.""

Read the full story HERE!

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