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Henry Byous Becomes Successful Entrepreneur After Being Released From Prison

"The small business owner now works with the First 72+ program, helping other formerly incarcerated people like him start their own businesses as well as finding them transitional housing and mental health services in the first days of their release. The program’s small business incubator has had its hands in the launch or scale-up of 22 small businesses. According to First 72+, more than 63% of those business owners work full time for their business.

Byous is proud to say that he has had a hand in six of these small businesses, including repair businesses and a barbershop. “I can’t be more proud of myself. This is me. I’m doing this now. This is my new life. Pat myself on the back. Let’s go. You know. My sons, hope [they] follow in dad’s footsteps and keep this process going.”"

Read the full story HERE!

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