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The First 72+'s work featured in The New Yorker!

First 72+ friends and family,

The day after COVID-19 forced us to close our office we got a call from a very friendly and curious reporter at The New Yorker. For the next two months Ms. Sarah Stillman kept up with us and community organizations like ours all across the country, capturing the reality of life on the ground for currently and formerly incarcerated people, and documenting the dramatic and encouraging shift in how our communities are considering mass incarceration. Read the full story HERE: “Will the Coronavirus Make Us Rethink Mass Incarceration?

As Give NOLA Day approaches on June 2nd, we hope that you will show your support for the work that we are doing by making a donation to The First 72+. Your donation will allow us to continue providing these essential services to meet the needs of our community.You can schedule a donation for Give NOLA Day here:


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