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Oh, what a year it has been...

As 2020 comes to a close, we are still grappling with a global pandemic, political unrest, protests in our streets, and too many families financial futures uncertain. Over the last twelve months, we as a team have mourned the deaths of many, many dear friends, including our co-founder, Ben Smith. Maintaining hope and optimism in times like these is a daily struggle. But if we have learned anything from this struggle, it is that we are not alone. Although the theme of this year has been "social distance", and we have had far fewer people sitting at the table with us, strangely, we have never felt closer or more supported by our community-- and that is thanks to friends like you.

Because of you we are not just hopeful we will get through this, we are certain, and we are grateful. So, as you and your family close out this year, please know that we appreciate you, we look forward to building with you in 2021, and you always have a seat at our table.

XO (from 6 ft away),

Your Friends at The First 72+

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