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We are not currently offering our Technology Life Skills class, but will refer clients to one of partner organizations who do so they can receive the crucial education outlined below.

As a part of our commitment to provide all the resources and tools needed to transition back into society, we have recently started to provide Technology Life Skills Classes to our clients, ensuring that they have the basic digital skills needed to navigate through society. When COVID-19 struck, it showed us how basic digital literacy is necessary to participate fully in society, and simply to survive during the critical period of re-entry. For many of our clients, technology access and literacy is a huge hurdle upon their release-- there is limited access to technology in prison, and technology is needed to access vital support services and resources. Our Technology Life Skills program offers one on one lessons for clients and group classes for our staff members.


It is clear that providing this foundational technology literacy support is essential for people returning home from prison, and we look forward to being able to make bridging the digital divide a more central part of our work moving forward.


Topics covered by our Technology Life Skills program include:


  • Device Specific Training

  • Resume Building

  • Email

  • Microsoft Office

  • Mobile Applications

  • Windows Operating System Basics

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