/// Transitional Housing

In September of 2014 the co-founders of The First 72+ converted an old bail bonds office into a free transitional house for  formerly incarcerated men. In March of 2020, in response to the crisis of COVID-19 and the statewide "Stay At Home" order, we knew we needed to dramatically expand the capacity of this program - how can you stay safe at home, when you have no home? So, in partnership with private landlords and hoteliers we are now able to offer this service to up to 20 formerly incarcerated men, women, and parents with children who are homeless or housing unstable. Residents in our transitional housing program are able to live rent-free for up to 90 days, while receiving access to supportive wrap around services designed to help them achieve independence and self-sustainability.


After undergoing a holistic needs assessment our residents are provided meals, groceries, and clothing, as well as access to wifi and use of a tablet so that they may communicate easily - and safely - with case managers, counselors, and (where necessary) participate in out-patient substance abuse treatment. 

Upon completion of the program all clients/residents are considered alumni, and like the founders, are expected to remain involved and to “pay it forward” for the next person in-need.


In partnership with The Office of Jonathan Tate  we designed "A New Home for The First 72+." With the input of current and former residents we designed an 8 bed home with space for a social enterprise to put our residents to work. The design for this home received a citation in the 68th Annual Progressive Architecture Awards from Architecture Magazine.  The house will be constructed on a lot we have leased from the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office, located directly next door to our office.

We will be breaking ground in the spring of 2021.