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  /// Tyrone Smith

Pastor Tyrone Smith was born and raised in New Orleans Ninth Ward, in the Desire Housing Development. He is the son of Annie Smith and the late Ben J. Smith Sr. Pastor Tyrone spent four and a half years in prison on a life sentence. When he returned home committed himself to “saving the community [he] destroyed.” Pastor Tyrone received his religious education at the Greater St. Stephen Full Gospel Baptist Church under the pastorate of Bishop Paul S. Bishop, Sr. who also serves as the Presiding Bishop of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International. Pastor Tyrone is a licensed minister and became an ordained elder under the leadership of Elder Leon Senegar then Pastor of the Original Morning Star Full Gospel Baptist church, where he served as Pastor of Evangelism and Regeneration Substance Abuse Ministry. Pastor Tyrone now serves as the Senior Pastor of the Next Generation of the Original Morning Star Full Gospel Baptist Church (NGOMS), located in the Ninth Ward. Since Katrina Pastor Tyrone has grown the congregation of NGOMS from seven returning members to over three hundred. Pastor Tyrone gives himself tirelessly to plow the vineyards and grow the Kingdom of God. Pastor Tyrone’s goal is “to keep working the vineyard until every person that is lost and needs a Savior is introduced to a friend who he knows very well, and that friend is Jesus Christ.”

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