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  ///  Albert Jerome Landry

  ///  Wayne Sneed

Wayne was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, and came to New Orleans in 2018 after serving 44 years in prison, and stayed in The First 72+ transitional house after being granted parole. He was only 17 when he went to prison. As a Re-Entry Coach he is very familiar with the many concerns and fears that people have when coming home from prison-- especially people who go to prison when they are children and come out as adults.


Wayne feels very grateful for the city of New Orleans and The First 72+ welcoming him with open arms upon his return home from prison. He is grateful for the genuine and generous individuals he has been surrounded by since coming home from prison, and he seeks to give the same care and support to others that he received when he came home.

Wayne finds great joy and meaning in his work at The First 72+, he shares that every day his work "keeps a gladness in my heart, and a smile on my face".

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