Access Our Services

To connect with our services:

Come by our office at 2915 Perdido OR call us at (504) 324-8859

Between the hours of 9am - 5pm, Monday-Friday.

New Clients will first be scheduled to do an intake with our intake specialist. Once an intake is completed we can connect you to:

Public Benefits Clinic
Peer Support Groups
Clothing Closet
Food Pantry
Community Referrals and other eligible programs

Access to Transitional Housing

Interested in our transitional housing services or know someone being released soon who might be in need?  Get started via our First 72+ Referral Form.

Pre-Release/Parole Board Support

Our pre-release team advocates for incarcerated clients at their parole board hearings as part of our process to get people free. Click here if you would like to refer someone coming up for parole. The First 72+ is dedicated to the fight to bring our folks home!

My Reentry Roadmap

This is a general overview of what your experience with the First 72+ can look like. We pride ourselves on putting YOU in the driver seat. If you would like to add or change any elements of this experience, come by the office or give us a call. We will be happy to work with you to design an experience that is relevant to your particular goals.

Complete an Intake

First, you will complete an intake at our office with one of our formerly incarcerated intake specialists. They will listen to your needs and assess how the First 72+ can work with you to achieve your goals. You will also be assigned a Reentry Coach to support you in your transition home.

Meet Your Coach

After completing an intake, you will meet with your reentry coach to better understand how the First 72+ can serve your particular goals.

Immediate Needs

Your reentry coach will support you as you address any of your immediate needs, such as obtaining an ID, receiving immediate food assistance, or accessing our clothing closet.

Public Benefits

Once your immediate needs are met, you will meet with our public benefits clinic to enroll in any of the programs that you are entitled to, such as SNAP (food stamps) or Medicaid.


Your Reentry Coach will help you get settled in one of our transtional houses, and begin working with you to put a plan in place to secure your own longterm stable housing.

Health Care

Your reentry coach will schedule you an appointment at the Formerly Incarcerated Transitions Clinic to address any medical, mental health and substance use treatment needs.

Re-entry Legal Needs

Your re-entry coach will connect you to the Justice and Accountability Center for free legal assistance with addressing civil legal needs such as child support debt, drivers license reinstatemnt, TWIC denials, and consumer debt.

Economic Empowerment Through our Partnership with The Fountain Fund

We will help you find financial security through one-on-one coaching, credit building, and low interest loans.

Individual and Community Needs

Finally, your coach will support you as you strive for your individual goals and deepen your relationship to our robust community at our 9 Steps to Staying Free class and other community events. Any services that we do not directly provide will be addressed by referral to one of our community partners.